GCs to Partners: I'll Get the Check

Even the highest paid Big Law partner can only dream of the princely and princessely sums commanded by their corporate counterparts.

According to The American Lawyer, average partner compensation (equity and nonequity) at the top 10 U.S. law firms is $4.99M. That’s a tad less than the $4.62M average cash comp of the 10 most highly paid public company GCs, according to a study by (It’s a world away from the broader ACC survey, which is 45% private companies and mostly smaller law department. The ACC average is $381,000.) For U.S. public company GCs, the number skyrockets to $7.5M when you roll in stock-based compensation, with the top 3 pulling down a gaudy average of $22.M – an impossible dream for even the most gold-plated big-firm partner.