Change . . . One Unicorn Lawyer at a Time

Lucy Endel Bassli, former assistant GC of Microsoft, founder of InnoLegal Services and chief legal strategist at LawGeex, saved the best – or at least the most provocative – for last in her eight-part series on the key players in the legal ecosystem, “Boulders, Hurdles & Glass Ceilings In-House.”

That’s when Bassli put the hammer to some “myths” about the role of corporate law departments in the legal ecosystem. “It is easy to claim that without the corporate legal teams forcing law firms to behave differently, law firms and other providers would never change,” she writes. “While there is obvious merit to the old notion that ‘money talks,’ I believe that it’s somewhat of an easy out to lay all the responsibility on those corporate legal teams. . . . [C]hange will come about one lawyer at a time . . . indeed, maybe one unicorn lawyer at a time.”

Myth #1: In-house lawyers are all innovative

Nothing magical happens that transforms a law firm lawyer into an innovating machine just by virtue of of changing jobs and going in-house.

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