Regulatory & Compliance

The Power of "No"

In this piece from ACC Docket, Malgorzata Anna Hartwig, Legal Counsel EMEA with Archer Daniels Midland, discusses the widespread expectation that In-house counsel will enable the business by removing obstacles to commercial success. "These expectations are hammered into lawyers who are new to the in-house role," she writes. "They are urged not to be the 'department of no' and to work with the business to bring ideas to market."

Hartwig explains that "high compliance standards (internal and external), accountability to and handling of expectations of a growing group of various stakeholders (shareholders, investors, employees, suppliers, customers, state, etc.), and rising complexity of regulatory requirements create a challenging environment for businesses. Moving forward with ideas that are not legally forbidden in a very particular situation may be harmful for the company in the future, as they may be not 'right' in the long run. So, 'no' or 'not that way' from the legal department can be very valuable input."Â

Read more below about the power of no, including 8 steps you can take to help assure that they see the situation your way. And don't miss two more from a very rich list of pieces: "Ted Lasso's Leadership Lessons" and "Enron's Whistleblower: Where is She Now?"

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