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TBT Webcast: M&A Activity, Unpredictable Corporate Changes and More – How to Navigate Risks Associated with Legal Entity Compliance and Governance

Don’t wait until “the other shoe drops” to address the risks associated with maintaining the good standing of your global legal entity structure. Whether your organization is preparing to close on a significant M&A deal or you are grappling with everyday entity corporate changes amidst personnel turnover - you need to ensure everything goes off without a hitch and no box is left unchecked.

Watch this webinar as we discuss key risks that can be avoided through the adoption of subsidiary governance best practices and an effective legal entity data management program. We’ll provide real-world examples of governance mishaps and their associated risks along with recommendations to help you proactively develop an action plan upfront, to avoid the messy work of rectifying errors in the eleventh hour.

Watch this webcast HERE!

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