Call Centers and Compliance with Gary Pudles, Founder and CEO of AnswerNet with host Richard Levick of LEVICK

Gary Pudles, a serial entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of AnswerNet, one of the nation’s largest telemarketing firms, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about the expanding world of telemarketing — 4.5% of the U.S. population now works in call centers, a vital industry to so many companies and governments. During the pandemic, he worked with bankers to save multiple companies by hiring the entirety of companies that would not otherwise survive and retrained them to handle telemarketing. One such story is memorialized in Keith Baldwin’s book, A Leap Year of Firsts. Gary discusses compliance issues such as recording and monitoring without consent; GDPR; SOX and employee hotlines; open enrollment; Do Not Call Lists; consumer data; data breaches and much more. Gary teaches entrepreneurship at the University Of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School Of Business.


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