ONSITE3 Announces EnhancementOf Its Electronic Evidence Platform

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 - 00:00

ONSITE3 has announced the addition of voice-to-text conversion capabilities to its Electronic Evidence Enterprise (E3) Platform for fast Electronic Discovery processing. In addition to this new voice-to-text conversion feature, text transcripts and original media files can also be hosted within ONSITE3's eView document review platform in order to facilitate effective and efficient document review of voice-over-IP based voicemail messages.

"With the increasing use of voice-over-IP technology in corporate communications, legal professionals are being called upon more often to conduct review of audio files as part of the evidence review process," said Mark Hawn, chief executive officer, ONSITE3. "Traditional audio review is an incredibly time intensive task that, with ONSITE3's new voice-to-text conversion technology, can be significantly decreased."

In addition to the conversion of many types of audio files, ONSITE3's new technology can also convert audio tracks from most types of video files into electronic text format, and ONSITE3 can further provide paper to electronic conversion services through its in-house optical character recognition (OCR) scanning technology.

ONSITE3 and Deepdive Technologies, a leading provider of automated electronic data discovery solutions, have announced a technology partnership in which ONSITE3's Consulting Practice Group will leverage Deepdive's patent-pending Auto-Discoverytechnology for the comprehensive assessment of active data residing within a client's network systems. Offered under ONSITE3's new Data Cataloging Service, participating clients can receive detailed analysis, maps, and reports designed to facilitate their understanding of the location and types of electronically stored information on active network systems, including "loose" documents that may be found in various workgroups and domains, computers, and Windows file-shares.

For more information about ONSITE3's Data Cataloging Service or other discovery and technology consulting services, visit www.ONSITE3.com.