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For legal teams, staying ahead of crucial tasks, dates, and events is paramount. With multiple matters, each with its own jurisdiction, schedule, deadlines, tasks, court rules, and filing requirements, effective task and event management are non-negotiable. Failure to do so can result in serious repercussions such as case dismissal, attorney sanctions, and potential lawsuits.

Traditional matter management solutions often fall short when it comes to event management. Tasks and events are often lumped together, leading to important deadlines being treated as mere items on a checklist.

At SimpleLegal, we don’t follow the status quo.

SimpleLegal’s matter management redefines event and task management. Say goodbye to missed deadlines with our intuitive calendar view, effortlessly navigate complex legal timelines, track crucial to-do’s per matter, and generate progress reports at the click of a button.

Join us for an exclusive live demo of SimpleLegal and discover why legal departments worldwide trust our solution for cost savings, enhanced transparency, and better business outcomes.