ONSITE3 Announces New Review Platform

Sunday, July 1, 2007 - 01:00

ONSITE3 has announced the release of its new eView Review Platform for automated document review and online repository hosting. The platform is designed for law firms and corporations that need improved efficiency and effectiveness for handling large and complex document review projects.

According to ONSITE3, eView provides better management of people involved in the review process. The intuitive design allows client administrators to prioritize and manage daily workflow tasks, assign user roles and privileges, set up unique foldering schemes, define tagging rules to facilitate consistency in document coding, automate distribution of document batches to eliminate waiting time between 1st and 2nd level reviewers, generate privilege logs as well as detailed reports on the progress for an entire review project or at the individual reviewer level, and finally to manage the resulting productions.

ONSITE3 says eView provides a secure and flexible review system that can adapt to a client's unique workflows and significantly reduce costs while also improving client control over the entire review process. Designed for ease-of-use by everyone from the client administrator to the end user, eView enables users to adjust the application's interface, navigation buttons and other features, providing users with the convenience of managing the system.

ONSITE3 demonstrated its new eView, DXR, and First Line Analysis services, which are currently available to clients in the West Coast region from its locally-based full-service e-discovery facility in Los Angeles, CA, during LegalTech West Coast last month.

DXR provides clients with in-house control of electronic discovery and review processes by enabling them to load, process, review, and produce data all from the convenience of their desktop. DXR can process both user files as well as email, including mailboxes for both Microsoft Outlook (PSTs) and Lotus Notes (NSFs).

The Corporate E-Discovery Forum, an industry peer group of corporate representatives that regularly meets for informal and confidential discussions regarding strategies and emerging issues involving e-discovery, today announced a rapid growth of membership during its one-year anniversary meeting held June 14-15 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA.

"The Corporate E-Discovery Forum provides an industry unique venue in which corporate representatives can informally and confidentially discuss and learn from their industry peers in a non-commercial environment regarding recommended best practices and strategies for both proactive planning and immediate litigation needs," said Charles Morgan, general counsel for ONSITE3 and chairman of the Corporate E-Discovery Forum.

For membership inquiries or other information regarding the Corporate E-Discovery Forum, call Hal Brooks at (404) 592-1888 or email hbrooks@onss.com.