Liquid Litigation Management (LLM) Offers New iPad App For Deposition & Questioning

Monday, January 16, 2012 - 16:26

Liquid Litigation Management, Inc.’s team of developers is proud to release a new iPad app as a companion to Liquid Lit Manager™, which adapts to the way attorneys create and utilize outlines for deposition and hearings. With all available documents and spreadsheets in one place, it makes legal work more efficient and keeps legal staff organized in a mobile environment. Helping attorneys to save time, stay organized and always be prepared, it can be used in the courtroom and the boardroom.

LLM’s new deposition and questioning iPad app features the ability to securely sync documents from a Liquid Lit Manager™ case to the app, store multiple outlines, have access to full documents that link to outline bullet points and eliminates the need for heavy binders.  It features a split screen view, allowing users to keep track of outlines and exhibits and makes use of color coding for quick identification of similar points.

It also has the ability to bookmark certain phrases or sections of a document that need to be discussed, which allows users to quickly jump to the next salient point. While a user is following a line of questioning, he or she can highlight points on the outline to reference for later study.

The new iPad app is available from Liquid Litigation Management, Inc. in the Apple App store and at