ACC 2008 Annual Meeting Scheduled For October 19-22 In Seattle

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 - 01:00

The Annual Meeting of the Association of Corporate Counsel will take place in Seattle at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center from Sunday, October 19 to Wednesday, October 22.

It is expected that more than 3,000 top in-house practitioners, experts and industry service providers will attend including corporate counsel from leading companies such as Microsoft, General Electric, ExxonMobil, Eli Lilly, American Express, Kraft Foods, and Morgan Stanley. The receptions and luncheons on all three days of the event will afford attendees the opportunity to network and meet event speakers and members of ACC's Board of Directors.

All sessions will be recorded and available to Annual Meeting attendees online after the meeting.

Courses Catering To Specific Needs

ACC's mission is to meet the corporate counsel's needs at all stages of a career.Sessions 006 - Starting Off on the Right Foot as New In-house Counsel, or 203 - Handling Your First Discrimination or Wrongful Termination Complaint: EEO Investigation Basics have been tailored for the new in-house incumbent. Of specific interest to the CLO are programs CL01 - Law Department Pro Bono and Diversity Strategies that Work and CL02 - Corporate Social Responsibility - The Law Department's Role.

Going Green

Other highlights of the meeting will include discussion of the possibilities and pitfalls of "going green" in sessions 504 - An Insiders Lawyer's Guide to Environmentalism, 704 - Legally Green: Lower the Environmental Impact of Your Law Department and 804 - Going Green? A Primer on the Purchase and Sale of Renewable Energy Attributes.

Managing The Law Department

Process, delivering legal services, management of your work, and technology are covered in sessions 509 - Metrics Mania: Leveraging Law Department Metrics to Manage Costs and Improve Performance; 709 - Creating an Effective Law Department Business Plan, and 506 - Electronic Content Management Systems: Unravel the Mysteries Before You Speak to the Vendors.

Keep Up To Date

It is imperative for all corporate counsel to keep up to date. 011 - Employment Law Update, 205 - Regulatory Revolution in Patent Law, 212-SEC Update, and 708 - Hot Topics in E-discovery are tailored to that need.

Pro Bono

Corporate Counsel are uniquely situated to provide much needed legal services to those who might otherwise do without. The Onsite Pro Bono Clinic is scheduled for Monday morning.ACC Chair Laura Stein and Microsoft's Brad Smith will talk about their goals and experiences in this area at a luncheon on the same day.


The Ethics Super Session (801) is scheduled for Wednesday morning.A big-screen DVD contains hypothetical situations and an interactive discussion will help attendees address these and similarly challenging ethical issues. Ethics concerns are also discussed at sessions 108 - Ethics Issues Surrounding Electronic Discovery, 503 - Outsourcing: The New Tsunami, 607 - Ethics in Practice, 702 - Personal Liability Risks Facing In-House Counsel, and 907 - Attacks on In-House Counsels' Ethics.

The Fusion Track

Legal matters do not always fall into clearly defined subject areas and many daily challenges involve a multitude of issues. The Fusion Track presents sessions that cut across various practice areas. Multitasking is addressed in 103 - Crisis Management: Responding When Disaster Strikes, 403 - Demystifying Trade Secrets: How to Identify and Protect Them, and 603 - The Government Investigator is Knocking: Now What?

For a detailed schedule including session descriptions and speakers visit ACC's website at