ACC Partners With Boston University School Of Management, Offers Mini MBA

Monday, May 2, 2011 - 00:00

In Partnership with the Boston University School of Management, the Association of Corporate Counsel will present Business Education for In-House Counsel in the following upcoming segments:the Mini MBA for In-House Counsel will be held on June 13-15 and on June 15-17, and the Advanced Mini MBA for In-House Counsel will be held on June 14-16.Leading Innovation & Change: The Evolving Role of In-House Counsel will run from June 1-3.

All programs will take place at the Executive Leadership Center, Boston University School of management in Boston.

The Mini MBA is a two-and-a- half-day program that introduces practitioners to business skills and explores those that enhance and sharpen an in-house counsel's management knowledge in the critical MBA disciplines - accounting, finance, strategy and organizational behavior. In this course, counsel will learn to understand financial statements; the financial tools to increase value to all or part of a business; how to make an impact on a business's strategic decisions and marketing goals; to effectively manage work relationships; and methods for minimizing risks of decision-making.

The Advanced Mini MBA course is for practitioners who have taken the Mini MBA course and want to expand their depth of knowledge. It will help participants identify strategies for establishing leadership in a rapidly changing environment; explore emerging accounting issues, such as primacy of markets, convergence of accounting standards, firm boundaries, and intellectual capital; examine the role of information technology in creating the new business landscape; compare analytical and psychological factors in decision making; and plan to implement a leadership agenda that will drive high performance.

The two-day program that explores the Evolving Role of In-House Counsel on Wednesday-Friday, June 1-3, will teach participants how, in this evolving global economy, to realign an organizational structure to respond to industry changes; cultivate, mentor and manage high-performance teams; and to drive innovations in their companies and create cultures of innovation and collaborations.

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