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Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Second Circuit Expands Bankruptcy Code’s Safe Harbor Protection for Transferees of Ponzi Scheme Payments

Sections 548(a)(1)(A) and (B) of the Bankruptcy Code (the “Code”) give a bankruptcy trustee the power to avoid intentional and constructive fraudulent transfers.[1] Section 546(e) of the Code prevents a bankruptcy trustee from recovering a variety of transfers, including ones that...

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In-House Counsel’s Upjohn Obligations

I recently attended a conference seminar involving a look at ethical issues for legal officers of a company. Leading the session was both an in-house general counsel of a large U.S. investment company and a member of a law firm representing the view of outside counsel. Part of the discussion was...

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Internal Investigations: The Spotlight Is On The Role Of The Attorney-Client Privilege

The continuing ripples from the 2008 financial industry collapse and the elevated focus on corporate compliance have created an upsurge in internal investigations across diverse industries, from professional sports to automotive and healthcare sectors. The attorney-client privilege, well-...

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