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Publisher's Note May 2016

Our goal in publishing Metropolitan Corporate Counsel and its various digital offshoots is to provide readers, most of them senior legal executives at major companies, with news and information that holds special appeal for them. That may be because it shines a light on legal and business issues...

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Consumer Products

Chipping Away at Fraud Risk: EMV cards are transforming the cashless payment universe

MCC: MasterCard and Visa set a deadline of October 1 for U.S. financial card issuers to replace the familiar magnetic strips with EMV (chip) cards, and for merchants to start accepting them or face a shift in liability for fraudulent transactions to the party that has failed to adopt the new cards...

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Home Concrete & Supply Redux? Expansive Interpretation of the “Fraud” Exception to the Three-Year Statute of Limitations

As a general a rule, the Internal Revenue Service has three years from the date a tax return is filed to propose adjustments to that return or lose the right to do so.[1] However, the Internal Revenue Code also provides exceptions under which the three-year period can be extended. The exceptions...

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