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Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

SEC to Implement Crowdfunding Exemption: Regulatory relief aims to help small businesses and start-ups raise capital over the Internet more effectively

More than three years after the JOBS Act was signed into law with bipartisan support, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to adopt final rules on equity crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a popular and growing means of raising money on the Internet, but it has generally not been used as a...

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Board of Directors

Do Not Let ISS Go Overboard: Limiting board members to four seats is a disservice to companies and the members themselves

Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (ISS) employs a lot of very smart people with great intentions, but sometimes, they just need help. On October 26, 2015, ISS proposed three changes to its voting policies for U.S. issuers for the 2016 proxy season, including a proposal to reduce the...

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Legal Operations

GCs Pen New Chapters on Partnering with Outside Counsel: Shareholder Activism and Corporate Sustainability

Effective partnering between inside and outside counsel enables corporate law departments to improve the quality and reduce the costs of legal services provided to corporate clients. The best-known source of expert guidance on partnering is the five-volume, 8,000-page treatise and practice...

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