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BYOD Brings Both Risks & Rewards: Considering the information governance implications of BYOD programs

As companies work to control costs and mitigate risk, bring your own device (BYOD) programs create as many questions as solutions. Employees are looking for faster and more fully integrated mobile devices – while corporate law and IT departments work to control costs, mitigate risk and to...

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Data Mapping for Global Privacy Compliance

It has been a year since the Safe Harbor framework was invalidated by the European Court of Justice. That framework allowed U.S. companies that registered with the Federal Trade Commission to legitimately transfer data from EU member countries to the U.S. At the time the Safe Harbor was invalidated...

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Caring About Cloud Migration

Information technology departments across all industries face enormous pressure to control costs and reduce their budgets. At the same time, they’re coping with the massive growth of data to store on IT systems and data servers. This had led to a mass migration of data to cloud-based storage...

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