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Foreign Regulatory Files and the Scope of Discovery

The collective book of federal case law is full of quotable one-liners about the broad nature of civil discovery. These pithy passages embolden the plaintiffs’ bar to request almost anything and result in a judiciary hesitant to shut down seemingly relevant but broad discovery requests. As a...

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Book Review – Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts (4th Ed.)

Since its original publication in 1998, the multi-volume “Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts,” now in its fourth edition, has grown exponentially. The newly issued edition is more expansive than ever, filling 15 volumes and over 17,000 pages of text. Weighing in at...

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Litigation in the Digital Health Revolution

Our society is currently in the midst of a digital health revolution – a shift in the way we track, access, leverage and act upon our health data. Much of what has been predicted, such as the ability for artificial intelligence to proactively diagnose and make treatment decisions based on the...

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