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Paths to Fraud: KPMG report shows more technology, more women, more collusion – and more havoc

KPMG International’s “Global Profiles of the Fraudster,” based on input from forensic professionals worldwide on 750 fraud investigations in 81 countries, is a fascinating – and chilling – read. Now in its third edition, it includes many eye-opening findings, including...

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Artificial Intelligence

Discovery Tips for Government Investigations: Develop a cleaner process with these preemptive guides

This article is for attorneys and in-house counsel involved in the e-discovery portion of an internal investigation or government subpoena. The commentary is meant to be general – it should apply to investigations involving the Office of Inspector General, the Department of Justice, the SEC,...

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DOJ Aims for Corporate Transparency: New FCPA program incentivizes companies to self-disclose and cooperate with law enforcement

On April 5, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a one-year Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Enforcement Pilot Program to encourage voluntary self-disclosure, cooperation, and remediation.1 This effort is designed to boost enforcement by further incentivizing companies to...

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