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Fast Take: Cryptocurrency Taxation

Cryptocurrency: It’s mysterious, volatile and all over the news. In 2017 the value of bitcoin went from about $800 early in the year to almost $20,000. But the government is just starting to take a closer look.

The Internal Revenue Service classifies virtual currency as property and...

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Regulating Virtual Currency: The New Frontier

With its multiple financial uses, how should virtual currency be categorized?

In the last few years, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple have moved to the forefront of social and economic discussions. While concerns over legitimacy, practicality and privacy...

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Blockchain: Beyond Bitcoin

The technology promises to streamline business processes—but companies need to understand its potential risks, as well.

Blockchain has been described by some as a revolutionary technology that will fundamentally change how business is done. Others have likened it to the Dutch tulip craze or...

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