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Thinking of Setting Up Your Own Nonprofit? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking Of Setting Up Your Own Nonprofit? Here’s What You Need To Know Americans are often described as the most generous people in the world. An overwhelming majority of us make gifts to religious institutions, schools, cultural organizations and other established charities, big and...

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Considering A Hybrid? Pennsylvania Adopts New Model of Business Entity – The “Benefit Corporation”

Earlier this year, Pennsylvania joined a growing number of states in adopting a new form of business entity – the “benefit corporation.”[1] Benefit corporations are for-profit corporations that seek to advance a socially conscious or environmentally concerned objective while at...

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The “Do-Good” Business Client: Benefit Corps And L3Cs

Introduction I have a client that is a boutique investment bank that focuses almost exclusively on sustainable industries. From a free market perspective, this may seem like an oxymoron – shouldn’t a financial concern put the pursuit of pure profits before “eco-friendly...

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