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Surviving A Congressional Investigation

It is every general counsel’s fear: a subpoena from the federal government arrives announcing an investigation and demanding documents. There is the usual scramble to understand the implications, but this time there’s a wrinkle. The subpoena comes from a committee of the U.S. Congress...

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OIG Issues 2013 Guidance On Provider Self-Disclosure Protocol

Charged with protecting the integrity of federal healthcare funds, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has allowed parties in violation of the law to self-report their actions under its self-disclosure protocol (SDP) as a method of...

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To Catch A Thief: Forensic Experts Weigh In On The Fraudster Profile

Editor: Please tell us about your professional background. Glusman: I’ve been a CPA for 42 years. I started in traditional public accounting with a large national firm, during which time I inadvertently worked on my first fraud event as a traditional auditor by stepping into a situation...

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