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Development-Leasing Matters: Constructing a Deal That Is Built to Last

Over the last few years, and with an accelerated frequency this past year, I have received an influx of development-leasing matters, from both landlords and tenants. These deals have spanned several states, from New York and New Jersey to Florida and Texas, as well as a variety of asset types...

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Finance | Real Estate

Adapting To Market Conditions: Joint-Venture Considerations For The Institutional Real Estate Investor And Its Legal Counsel

In an environment where real estate buyers are increasingly confronted by a market that is either focused on a particular asset type, or geographic area, or some other widely accepted trend or type, many buyers are discovering that they must look beyond their normal “comfort zone” in...

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Unique Retail Considerations Of Branch Bank Leasing

Major lending institutions are reemphasizing traditional community-branch banking. Thus, as ubiquitous as the retail bank branch might now seem, signs suggest that more are on the way, as letters of intent and leases are being signed. In this context, bank tenants will be best served by legal...

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