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Facing evolving cyberthreats and crippled by ransomware attacks, can hospitals ever really be prepared?

It’s happened again. On November 2, an unspecified “major” cyberincident forced three National Health Service (NHS) hospitals in the UK to shut down all planned operations and divert critically ill patients to other facilities for three days until their electronic systems could be...

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The Enemy Within: The Soft Underbelly of Cybersecurity

“Cybersecurity” is a term that occupies virtually everyone these days. The list of U.S. government agencies that have been hacked seemingly grows with each passing day and includes the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, the Office of Personnel Management, the National...

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Preserving a Fundamental Bankruptcy Tool: Despite uncertainty, credit bidding continues to serve lenders and investors well in distressed industries

Credit bidding allows secured creditors to protect their collateral in a bankruptcy sale and can provide an opportunity to strategically acquire a company’s assets. It is a valuable tool for all secured lenders but especially for private equity firms, hedge funds and other distressed debt...

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Advertising on the Cutting Edge: What you need to know about the FTC, native advertising and social media

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently has taken steps through enforcement actions to shine a bright light on the differences between advertising and endorsement, on the one hand, and unsolicited and impartial consumer response, on the other, in across various forms of social media, including...

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Preparing for the Next Hotel Industry Downturn: How lenders, managers and franchisors can protect their interests

As we enter 2017, there are contrary predictions on expectations for the hospitality industry. Expectations remain high for hotel performance generally[1].  Yet, questions remain about the potential substantial default rate on over $100 billion in loan maturities, particularly for securitized...

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Cash Register Receipts: The Newest Prop 65 Violator: The latest culprit of Proposition 65 violations includes everyday items like receipts

Businesses operating in California have long been aware the perils of utilizing any of the almost 1,000 chemicals identified by the state of California as potentially causing cancer or reproductive harm under California’s Proposition 65. Consumer-facing businesses have learned to identify...

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Congress, The Courts And the Patent Office Weigh In on Post-Grant Review

The America Invents Act (AIA) has had a profound impact on patent litigation, particularly surrounding inter partes and other post-grant proceedings. Below, Manish K. Mehta, who handles patent litigation across an array of key sectors, including pharmaceuticals, discusses both the defensive and...

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