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12 Practical Pointers to Protect In-House Privilege

Navigating attorney-client privilege is often more complicated for in-house counsel.

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The Final Stage of E-Discovery: Presentation

Presenting evidence to judge and jury is the end goal of discovery. Appropriately, the final stage of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) is presentation.

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Seven Steps to Build a Highly Collaborative Team

Helen Geib, General Counsel and Practice Support Consultant with QDiscovery, provides seven tips for promoting higher functioning, collaborative teams that are more efficient and effective, and produce higher quality results.

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Information Governance

Data Mapping: From Recommendation to Reality

Much ink has been spilled on the requirements, burdens and benefits of the GDPR. Many commentators have offered helpful guidance for GDPR compliance. One thing everyone agrees on is a general recommendation to start with data mapping. The recommendation raises the question, what is a data...

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