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Anticipate and Insure Against the Risks of UAVs

Drones, as they are commonly called, are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). As the name implies and common sense dictates, UAVs are aerial vehicles that are operated without a human pilot. Their history dates to the 19th century when Austrians attacked Venice with explosive-...

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Are You Covered for the Next Flood?

Although it is too early to make accurate predictions, Hurricane Harvey is expected to result in damages between $70 billion and $108 billion and Hurricane Irma may exceed $200 billion. Unfortunately, massive storms and their massive resulting price tags have become commonplace. Hurricane Katrina...

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Zurich American Insurance Company v. ABM Industries, Inc.: Understanding The Complexities Of Business Interruption Coverage

Introduction Business continuity planning dominates corporate risk management. Few elements of such a plan are more important and less understood than business interruption insurance. This article discusses the recent $80,000,000 settlement of business interruption claims made by ABM Industries,...

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