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As Opioid Suits Loom, Now’s the Time to Act on D&O Insurance

Coverage for opioid exposures remains relatively untested, with existing case law increasing the uncertainty. Litigation related to to the opioid crisis is on the rise, and now corporate shareholders are entering the fray. In recent months, shareholders have brought a number of lawsuits...

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Deconstructing Those Russia Sanctions: Now that the shouting is over, what did that bill actually deliver?

Zlatko Hadzismajlovic, special counsel at McCarter & English, watched with great interest this past summer as the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives and the president verbally volleyed an economic sanctions bill back and forth as if they were participating in a particularly...

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Litigation at Your (Terms of) Service: More than 20 lawsuits filed last year claimed that corporate websites violated New Jersey’s consumer protection laws

  The year was 1981. “The People’s Court,” “Hill Street Blues” and “Dynasty” all premiered on network television. The price of a first-class stamp rose from 15 to 18 cents. New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority introduced a spiffy...

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Government Contracts

Doing Business With Uncle Sam: Maintaining intellectual property in government contracting can be tricky

We asked Daniel Kelly and Bonnie Vanzler, who have a combined nearly four decades of experience representing companies that do business directly with the federal government or are somewhere along the government contract supply chain, about the hot issues in government contracting and what a new...

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False Claims Act

The Flipside of Federal Contracts: Pursue government bids fully aware of the complications and compliance nuances

The federal government can provide a large and lucrative line of business, but not without significant risk. Alexander Major and Franklin Turner of McCarter & English caution companies regarding the growing trend toward contract-related claims, how False Claims Acts penalties are affecting...

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Gaming | Hospitality | Media | Technology

Hospitality Industry Should Welcome Web Accessibility: Compliance can be challenging, but the gains can be significant

The hospitality industry is ever more dependent on the internet and mobile applications. Websites and apps are now the primary face that a hospitality provider presents to the world, and to their guests and customers until they are physically present. Loyalty programs are increasingly web and app...

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Healthcare | Life Sciences

Participation, Collaboration, Quality: The CDRH engages to advance its updated strategic priorities

Building on the FDA’s goals and strategies for creating a national evaluation system for medical devices, the FDA has recently increased its focus on collaboration with the medical device community, as well as patient involvement, to promote public health with high-quality and safe medical...

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