Aaron Pierce

Senior Director, General Manager

LexisNexis CounselLink

Aaron Pierce is senior director and general manager at CounselLink. Previously he held roles in strategy, business development and product management across a range of groups within LexisNexis.

Recently by Aaron Pierce

Data Analytics

Using Data to Foster Trusted Partnerships

Aaron Pierce of LexisNexis talks about the many benefits of legal management solutions like CounselLink, from tracking legal spend to improving communication with outside vendors and creating stronger relationships.

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Legal Operations

Venture Beyond Legal in Tracking In-House Data

Work within the law department goes way beyond strictly legal matters. According to Aaron Pierce of CounselLink, information related to that work can be invaluable in optimizing your team’s performance. In this interview with CCBJ, Pierce, an industry veteran, provides insights on how to broaden data capture and analysis to improve performance.

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Civil Rules Roundtable: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Rule 26(b)(1) has been changed, effective December 1, to address issues and concerns growing out of how courts and parties have responded to the 2007 changes to the FRCP. With 26(b)(1), the main thrust is to bring proportionality to the forefront. Litigants should see these changes as a clarion...

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