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An Action Plan For Investors To Further Safeguard Their Assets

In the aftermath of numerous Ponzi and other fraud schemes that have caused substantial losses to investment portfolios, before making and to further safeguard investments, investors should understand and assess the risk of an investment strategy. In this article, we will (1) review some of the...

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Bank Secrecy Act Best Practices For Bank Customers To Follow

The Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 ("BSA")1 mandates financial institutions2 such as banks, savings and loans, credit unions, brokers or dealers in securities, money services businesses, and casinos to file reports, keep records, and report suspicious activity of financial currency and foreign...

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Forensic Accountants And Global Compliance, Fraud, And Corruption

Editor: Walter, tell us about your background. Pagano: Prior to joining Eisner LLP in 2005, I spent almost 20 years in public accounting where my position was Director of Litigation Consulting and Forensic Accounting. Prior to that time, I served for ten years as an IRS revenue agent covering...

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Litigation Consulting And Forensic Accounting: A Necessary Adjunct To Litigation

Editor: Walter, please describe for our readers the breadth of accounting practice offered by Eisner LLP. Pagano: Our scope of services is very broad and deep. We provide approximately twenty-one distinct services to our clients ranging from full-service accounting such as audit, accounting and...

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