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Career Development

Looking Back: 25 Years of Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

This is a big year for MCC. We proudly celebrate our 25th year of publication, and we launch the next 25 with a new name and a new look. Over the year, we will honor our founder and explore our foundation in this space by digging into the MCC archive. Along the way, we will survey our community,...

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Artificial Intelligence

Smart Ways to Apply AI to Enhance In-House Legal Services Delivery

Join us on Thursday, December 7th at 1:00 pm EST for a complimentary webinar discussing Smart Ways to Apply AI to Enhance In-House Legal Services Delivery. Many in-house legal teams know there is a better way to get work done. To that end, pilot programs applying artificial intelligence (AI)...

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Board of Directors

Backstory: A Voice at the Table

Recently, the topic of culture has rocketed up the corporate agenda. Look no further than our interview with Nick Donofrio and Helene Gayle, who recently led a Blue Ribbon Commission on culture for the National Association of Corporate Directors (see p. 8). Why take a hard look now at a “soft...

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Civil Justice

Civil Justice Playbook: Delaware's Lawsuit Climate Gets Chillier

What do you think of when someone says Delaware? For many people, one word comes to mind: business. That’s where numerous companies are incorporated. If they didn’t already have “First State” on their license plate (Delaware was first to sign the U.S. Constitution), they...

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Corporate Counsel

The “Yelpification” of Law

You have to hand it to Firoz Dattu. The former Paul Weiss lawyer and founder of AdvanceLaw sure knows how to whip up a crowd. Earlier this year, with no small amount of media fanfare, Dattu unleashed something he calls the GC Thought Leaders Experiment. Haven’t heard of Firoz, or AdvanceLaw,...

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Diversity & Inclusion

A Push to Boost Law Firm Diversity: An ABA resolution is behind the latest effort

On August 23, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel hosted a webinar that offered law departments advice on how they can boost the diversity of the law firm lawyers they hire to represent them. Called “Implementing a Law Firm Diversity Program,” it was sponsored by LexisNexis and inspired by...

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Legal Operations

Legal Ops Professionals Weigh In: Higher level of analysis in law departments drives shifts in the industry

The ambitious webinar hosted by Metropolitan Corporate Counsel on September 7 took on four big topics that were filtered through surveys primarily directed at legal operations departments. The topics were information security; analytics and artificial intelligence (AI); cloud adoption; and...

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