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You've Been Served. Are You Ready to Respond? An Interview with Melissa Cohen, Managing Director, Protiviti and Bill Roppolo, Partner for Baker McKenzie

An Interview with Melissa Cohen, Managing Director, Protiviti & Bill Rappolo, Partner for Baker McKenzie.

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Career Development

CCBJ Perspectives: Diversity, Inclusion and Non-Linear Career Paths

Host Kristin Calve is joined by Lucy Fato, AIG’s leader of global legal compliance and regulatory groups, and Maria Eberle, managing partner with Baker McKenzie, for an in-depth conversation on the commitment to diversity, the need for inclusion at every level of corporations and the value of non-linear career paths.

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The Limits of Incremental Improvements

Casey Flaherty of Baker McKenzie explores the ideas and thoughts behind incremental improvements and how they hold weight. Depending on the situation at hand, there may not always be one clear answer.

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