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A Policyholder’s Right to Independent Counsel

An insurance company’s broad duty to defend usually benefits the policyholder, but a conflict arises when the insurer issues a reservation of rights.

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Gaming | Hospitality

The Right to Settle: Protecting the right to control your case

Every year, hotels are subject to a host of lawsuits, both valid and meritless, from guests who claim to have suffered an on-premises injury. The defense of such cases can be extremely expensive, and most hotels accordingly purchase commercial general liability (CGL) insurance so that if they are...

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Insurance Coverage & Recovery

E&O Goes In-House: Employed Lawyers Professional (ELP) liability coverage may help to protect corporate counsel

Attorneys understand that every job and client brings with it the potential for great reward . . . and the possibility of a lawsuit. As such, law firms and solo practitioners purchase professional liability insurance coverage, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) or legal malpractice...

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