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Insurance Coverage & Recovery

Tide Turns on Phantom Exclusion

“Final adjudication” undermines the insurance industry’s disgorgement defense.

For decades, the protection provided by directors and officers (D&O) and errors and omissions (E&O) professional liability insurance policies has been weakened by insurance companies...

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Covering Your Business Against Interruption: Even if a hurricane doesn’t hit your company directly, it can still inflict lasting damage

While the human suffering triggered by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma unfolded in real time on our TV screens, opening American hearts and wallets and triggering heroic volunteer rescue efforts, the full extent of the economic damage will not be evident for some time. That impact is likely to...

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A Unique Storm Spawns Unique Insurance Issues: In Hurricane Matthew’s Aftermath, Lessons from Superstorm Sandy

While the Southeast United States escaped the worst of feared damage from Hurricane Matthew, the storm did take more than 40 lives in the U.S. and cause extensive power outages, flooded roads and dams, and damage to buildings from Florida to Virginia. It also triggered mass evacuations and closures...

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Insurance Coverage & Recovery

Policyholder Alert - Obtaining Full Coverage For Your Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim: Eight Basic Tips

As businesses assess the damage and try to recover from the massive disruptions caused by Hurricane Sandy, many are already thinking about how their insurance contracts respond. Savvy policyholders are already taking action to make sure that they obtain a full recovery under their property and...

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