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New Data Privacy and Security Laws Put U.S. Companies on the Defensive

Michelle Reed and Natasha Kohne, co-leaders of Akin Gump’s Cybersecurity and Data Protection practice, discuss the effects of new data regulations in California and other states, and what companies can do to protect themselves.

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Cyber's Singular Nature: Spanning Industries, Boundaries and Precedent

Akin Gump's Michelle Reed and Natasha Kohne stress the importance of knowing the myriad privacy obligations that affect a company, as well as the regulators that enforce them.

CCBJ: Let’s start off with some background about you and your practices.

Natasha Kohne: Michelle and I co-...

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Getting in Line with the New Regulations: Cybersecurity rules from the New York Department of Financial Services are broad and complicated

Michelle Reed, a litigator at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP and co-leader of the firm's cybersecurity privacy and data protection group, breaks down what the New York Department of Financial Services’ new cybersecurity regulations mean for covered entities and the in-house...

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Buying Cyberinsurance Helps Uncover System Weaknesses

MCC: Let's start big. What are the most pressing cybersecurity risks facing corporations today? Reed: The biggest risk in my view is the head-in-the-sand mentality of too many companies, wherein companies acknowledge the issue, hand it off to the IT department, and then check it off the list....

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Consumer Protection

Cybersecurity In Its Several Aspects

Editor: Francine, please tell our readers about your background in government affairs and lobbying, including your data-protection practice. Friedman: During my high school and college years, I had various internships on Capitol Hill, mostly on the political fundraising side. My first job in...

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