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Transport Infrastructure – A Hot Ticket: Despite political uncertainty, interest in rail and road projects remains high

MCC: What is driving the demand for transportation infrastructure projects in the U.S.? Lent: A number of factors contribute to a recognized need to invest in infrastructure. One is the importance of a reliable transportation network to the U.S. economy in terms of moving goods to and from U.S...

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Microcaps: Understand the risks and reap the rewards

High Risk, High Reward Whether you’re an issuer or an investor, playing in the microcap arena can be riskier than with other forms of investment, at times significantly so. Many microcap stocks are traded over the counter, directly between brokers and dealers. As they are not often the...

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Saudi Arabia: An Economy on the Up

Saudi Arabia continues to be a booming and stable economy that continues to be buoyed by high oil prices and a thriving private sector. While oil prices have fallen from record highs down to US$80 a barrel, such price exceeds the amounts required for another expected budget surplus. Saudi Arabia...

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