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Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful move
That started from this email phish
When the CEO did approve.

And since I know you're already humming it, here is your link. (and yes I know enough to stick to my day job!) The CEO at the law firm, O'Neill, Bragg & Staffin, got speared by the an email. They brought suit against Bank of America for not stopping the $580,000 transfer. But US District Judge Harvey Bartle dismissed it, "finding that the firm failed to show that the banking institution breached any agreement, violated federal regulations, or breached the Pennsylvania Commercial Code." Like the SS Minnow, that money is sunk, lost to the hackers and never coming back. How would your CEO act on a request from a hacker posing as a name partner? If you're not sure, you should read more at Savvy Training Blog: Hacked Law Firm Can't Get Back $580,000 After CEO Fraud Attack

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