Meet the Next Generation of Technophobe

In this piece, Jeffrey Brandt, editor of PinHawk’s Law Technology Daily Digest, looks at a law review article that Ralph Losey says is one of the most interesting he’s read in a long time. Robophobia, by Andrew Wood, in the Winter 2022 edition of the University of Colorado Law Review provides an in-depth analysis of human prejudice against smart computer technologies and its policy implications. Brandt quotes Losey, a legal tech legend: "Robophobia is the next generation of technophobia, now focusing on the human fear of replacing human decision makers with robotic ones," Losey writes. You’ll have to settle in for a long read – both Losey’s blog post and Wood’s article (16,000 words/308 footnotes) are exhaustive (though definitely not exhausting).

Check out Robophobia: Great New Law Review Article – Part 1 at JD SUPRA.

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