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Legal Tech Startup: Jatheon Technologies

Legal Tech Startup: Jatheon Technologies

Spotlight on: Jatheon Technologies

Developer of the professional email and social media archiving platform designed to enable the company's compliance and perform eDiscovery. The company's cloud and on-premise platforms offer products that serve as digital repositories with self-indexing characteristics to reduce the total time clients spend looking up emails, social media, and SMS and retrieving relevant data for their reference purposes, enabling businesses to manage risk and legal requests.

Most Recent Financing Status (As of September 2023)

Hero Ventures (Canada), Brent Young, and Qode vault sold their stake in the company to an undisclosed buyer in approximately May 2023.

Founder and Chairman: Marko Dinic, [email protected], +1 (416) 840-0418

HQ Location: 15 Prince Arthur Avenue Suite 3rd Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B2 Canada

Employees: 30 (as of February 2023)

Total Raised: $3.00M (as of May 2023)

Institutional Investor:

  • Brent Young
  • Hero Ventures (Canada)
  • Qode Vault

To learn more about Jatheon Technologies, visit their website or follow them on Linkedin

Source: Pitchbook, September 2023

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