Front: In-House Collaboration

A Good News, Bad News Story

According to a survey by the Association of Corporate Counsel and Everlaw of 373 in-house legal professionals in the U.S., effective collaboration in the workplace is an imperative.

As in so many cases, technology is pushing the envelope. In-house law departments can work and connect from anywhere, which raises a good news – bad news dynamic and new challenges. “Increasing business complexity is also leading to a wider range of business units now being potential sources of risk for companies, resulting in a greater volume of legal work and a broader set of legal challenges,” according to the ACC collaboration survey. “The results reveal that although legal staff desire greater collaboration and there is a clear recognition of the benefits of doing so, there are impediments preventing legal teams from realizing that full potential.”

Among ACC’s key findings:

  • Better cross-departmental alignment is the top priority of legal teams Companies perceive legal teams as roadblocks and overly risk averse.
  • The #1 strategy for controlling legal costs is to sweep more work in-house.
  • Law firms lack transparency; other vendors don’t understand company objectives.

Read more at the Association of Corporate Counsel.

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