Publisher's Note July 2016

Welcome to our annual July-August double issue where we focus on two interrelated areas, risk and cybersecurity. We are also pleased to present our usual broad array of topics of keen interest to GCs and their teams. You’ll find insightful takes on ADA compliance for company websites (p.10), the modern face of the “fraudster” (p.32), transfer taxation as threat and opportunity (p.7), the transformation of Allstate’s massive in-house department (p.39), why law departments are sweeping more work in-house (p.46) and more.

Our annual double issue also gives us a chance to take a step back, listen to our readers and contributors, look ahead, and consider how we can shape what we do to better meet the needs of the in-house community. Since assuming responsibility for MCC from its founder and editor, Al Driver, a retired Fortune 500 GC, we have worked hard to build on his vision of a collaborative forum for inside counsel, outside counsel and communities of interest in and around corporate law departments. Keep letting us know what helps you. Your input is invaluable.

In response to what we’ve been hearing, this Fall we are developing two advisory groups, and we welcome your support. The first will be a general advisory group comprised of 12-15 readers who will help MCC identify topics of interest for our audience. The second will be an advisory group for MCC’s women’s initiative. We are actively developing new content and programming for women in the law, and are looking to work with 8-12 law department leaders to help plan and shape these initiatives. We know all of you are busy, so we will make sure participation is easy and the time commitment limited. Please email me directly if you are interested in participating in either group, or would like to suggest a colleague for consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Our next issue will be published in September.

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