Fast Take: UAS and Drones - Keeping Up with the Pace

What unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and drones really highlight is the convergence of traditional aviation and aerospace with the high-tech sector. Our focus in Washington, D.C., is on conveying to federal stakeholders and partners the importance of keeping up with the pace of technological evolution in this space. We’re pushing the bounds of conventional thinking, especially inside the main regulator of the national airspace, the FAA. The legacy aviation industry is used to dealing with a regulatory mechanism that sometimes takes decades to evolve – and that timing no longer works. This coming year is going to be critical in terms of working to unleash the economic potential that this technology could bring to the American and global economies. In the U.S., we’re going to be laser-focused on addressing the security concerns that are standing in the way of moving forward with new rules for expanded UAS operations and pressing forward with UAS traffic management development. Having a voice at the table as the FAA, Congress and the administration continue to ponder solutions to these issues is going to be essential.

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