Artificial Intelligence

The GAI Paradox: Torn Between Fear and Desire


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This debate-style webcast dives into the heart of the legal profession's mixed emotions towards the revolutionary impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) on the eDiscovery landscape.

The webcast pits the seductive allure of GAI's unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in parsing massive datasets against the pressing concerns surrounding data security, ethical quandaries and the fear of diminishing human involvement in legal proceedings.

Featuring a dynamic blend of expert opinions and real-world case studies, our presenters engage in a robust debate that explores how to navigate these conflicting views within their eDiscovery practice. GAI may promise unparalleled advancements with its impressive capabilities, yet it also stirs up nightmare worries over data breaches and those complex ethical gray areas.

This webcast is geared towards fostering a comprehensive discourse on embracing GAI's benefits while vigilantly mitigating its risks.