Like Magic: GenAI to Help You Shorten Your To-Do List


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You know how it is—every day, there’s a list as long as your arm of boring tasks to do before you can get to real lawyering. Whether it’s writing a plan language summary of a complicated contract, drafting cancellation letters ahead of auto-renew dates, or quickly scanning newly received agreements for red flags, these feel like things someone should have automated.

So we did! GenAI Prompt Lab from Agiloft makes it easy to pre-build AI prompts to share across your organization. When someone comes up with the perfect AI-generated summary, save their prompt so everyone can do it – or even set it up to run on every new record. And, to make it more tempting, you can choose to use any AI you like: We’re happy with our OpenAI service, but if you have a Large Language Model you prefer, simply tell the system to use that instead.

Join our short 30-minute demo session, and we’ll show you how to make Generative AI cut into that To Do list and:

  • Create time to do the work that moves the needle by taking on the boring stuff
  • Scale your team by making the genius prompts of your very best colleagues available to everyone
  • Simplify tasks by letting AI do some of the thinking – the only limit to what you can automate is your imagination

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Agiloft’s GenAI can make a dent in your work right away as a key part of your contract lifecycle management processes.