Legal Operations Trends for 2024


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The CCBJ Network Partners and Agiloft conducted a survey to determine the top
trends in Legal Operations for 2024. The survey was designed to gauge trends in Legal Departments and Legal Operations departments in 2024, from updated contract management technology to how outside law firms are selected and managed to create new collaborations with the CISO.
Join us for a fireside chat to learn more about the findings of this survey. During the event, experts from Mitratech and Agiloft will provide an executive perspective on the survey's results and explore topics such as:
- How your peers are working (or not) with GenAI
- What is the typical/average balance of work between outside law firms and ALSPs
- What is the perception of the Legal Ops team within an organization? How can your legal team maintain efficiency and risk controls while fostering collaboration with the business?
- How can you gauge the Legal Department’s technology maturity?
- What are practical approaches for your legal team to unlock highly valuable contract data and make it accessible to sales, procurement, and finance colleagues?