How Investigations and Discovery Are Being Transformed by Digital Breadcrumbs


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What are digital breadcrumbs and why should you (and your company) care about them?

Digital breadcrumbs are the user event metadata artifacts we leave behind when we interact with technology. Examples can include system login date/times, browser search history, and call durations for mobile device communications.

The rapid and widespread adoption of new technology, including the proliferation of nanosensors and IoT, is creating an ever-growing repository of user event digital breadcrumbs. While corporations frequently leverage this data for business reasons such as sales and marketing, it is often neglected during the discovery or investigation process.

In this discussion, we will delve into the processes and technologies that leverage digital breadcrumbs to:

· Complement existing information gathering workflows

· Layer disparate system user events to develop timelines

· Focus the content review of communications

By examining the contextual patterns that digital breadcrumbs highlight, we are able to speed up the understanding of key issues and make faster, next step decisions with greater confidence.


Mr. Julian Ackert, a Managing Director at iDiscovery Solutions (iDS) in Washington DC, has over 18 years of consulting and project management experience in the technology and litigation industries. He has extensive experience with forensic data collection, computer forensic analysis, creating and implementing preservation and collection strategies, managing electronic data processing and review endeavors, analyzing complex transactional data systems, and working with large multi-national corporations to establish and develop methodologies and best practices for litigation preparedness. Mr. Ackert has written expert reports and provided testimony on the forensic preservation, acquisition, and analysis of electronic information. Additionally, he has worked on several international projects involving complex data privacy, collection, and review challenges.