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Brainspace: The Industry’s Most Intuitive Investigative Analytics Platform


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By 2025, governments, corporations and individuals will have accumulated 175 zettabytes of data. The amount of data in the world is growing at a 61% compound annual rate. Combine this exponential data growth with the rapid deployment of platforms designed to create and share information online and the challenge becomes clear. How do you quickly and accurately analyze this ever-growing mountain of data for internal investigations, in response to regulator requests for information or to assess your firm’s legal risk as it relates to litigation?

Brainspace is a powerful yet practical artificial intelligence solution that enables you to make smarter, faster and more informed data decisions. Our software provides a unique and patented approach to data analysis. By combining stunning interactive data visualizations and machine learning with human guidance, our platform can transform your data into valuable insights regardless of size or complexity.


Naz Shwayhat, a Product Manager with Brainspace, has close to 20 years of experience in the litigation support and e-discovery. His experience includes management of large-scale production environments, product strategies including go to market, implementation, and integration of e-discovery software solutions across service providers, law firms, and corporations.

Mr. Shwayhat has managed litigation production environments which involved designing and applying different software solutions to solve problems around document and data ingestion, as well as document review. In addition, he has managed multiple e-discovery software solutions involving strategy, user experience, and design at start-up companies and large corporations. He has a deep understanding of how to apply visual analytics and supervise machine learning to solve real market problems.