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Lawyers and Business Consultants Team Up to Tackle Tough Privacy And Data Security Issues

Manatt’s incoming CEO, Donna Wilson, shares her holistic privacy and data security approach and promotes the power of a diverse team.

CCBJ: How did you come to your career in law, and what ultimately brought you to Manatt?

Donna Wilson: I grew up in South Jersey, outside of...

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Anticipate and Insure Against the Risks of UAVs

Drones, as they are commonly called, are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). As the name implies and common sense dictates, UAVs are aerial vehicles that are operated without a human pilot. Their history dates to the 19th century when Austrians attacked Venice with explosive-...

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Faced with a #MeToo Claim? Hire an Outside Investigator

The #MeToo movement has changed the framework for companies faced with sexual harassment claims. The revelations of 2017 have unleashed a flood of internal and external complaints of sexual harassment and sexual hostile work environments. Companies need to develop new rapid-response reflexes. In...

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