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Departing Employees: When Do Investigations Become Necessary?

An interview with QDiscovery’s Yaniv Schiff and Curtis Collette. Their remarks have been edited for length and style.

CCBJ: Tell us about the types of situations with departing employees that warrant investigations. Do you find this is more typical in certain industries, sectors or divisions...

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Department of Justice (DOJ)

Risks to Companies Arising from the Growing Focus on Executive Prosecutions

For a second consecutive year, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel is hosting a global roundtable series on Global Risk. We have invited longtime patron Clifford Chance to co-host three dinners with us, provide subject-matter expertise and help facilitate discussions with this year's group of 12...

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What’s Worse Than Getting Phished? Getting Whaled: Five ways company execs can avoid the harpoon

The internet and electronic communications have given rise to a plethora of innovative new criminal activities, some of which have entered the common parlance: phishing and its more targeted cousin, spear-phishing, are chief among those schemes. Less well-known but still aptly named methods of...

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