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Department of Labor (DOL)

DOL's Change of Course on Unpaid Interns

In a recent change of position, the department of Labor has endorsed a new standard for determining when an unpaid intern is entitled to compensation as an employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Previously, the DOL applied a rigid six-part test to determine if an individual was an unpaid...

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The Ethical Hacker: We're Compliant, So We Must Be Secure, Right?

I've been hearing a recurring theme in discussions with clients about security and compliance planning: We’re compliant, so we’re secure, right?

To me this thinking indicates confusion about the difference between compliance and security.

Regulations and compliance are...

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Legal Operations

Compliance and Security: Building the Framework

LockPath's Sam Abadir says that regular communication about people's responsibilities is critically important. His remarks have been edited for length and style.

IT risk and information security are among the highest priorities for both in-house law departments and law firms. What...

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