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Can Driverless Cars Steer Clear of Litigation? In addition to lawsuits, federal and state regulation await on the road ahead

A renaissance of epic proportions is underway in the United States, where 4,000-pound objects will soon be motoring alongside us on freeways, through intersections, crosswalks and school zones without a driver. Ground Zero for this marvel centers around the creation of digital hardware and its...

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Letting the Genie out of the Bottle: Has Texas reverted to the common law “open and obvious danger” rule?

The risk/utility test has been a fixture of products liability law for decades. The test provides that a product is unreasonably dangerous, that is, defective, if its risks outweigh its utility. To determine whether a product is unreasonably dangerous, a jury balances a product’s risk...

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Driving Miss Connected: High-tech cars are here to stay – along with a fleet of legal issues

Editor: You recently published a paper on the “technological revolution” in the automotive industry. Give us the broad strokes on trends and what constitutes a revolution. Cahill: I’ll describe some of the facets with a few anecdotes (the paper cites quite a few statistics,...

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