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Technology | Transportation

Driving Miss Connected: High-tech cars are here to stay – along with a fleet of legal issues

Editor: You recently published a paper on the “technological revolution” in the automotive industry. Give us the broad strokes on trends and what constitutes a revolution. Cahill: I’ll describe some of the facets with a few anecdotes (the paper cites quite a few statistics,...

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Regulation in the Medical Device Industry: FDA insider lays out the issues

MCC: During your tenure at the FDA, there was a strong focus on medical product safety. What prompted such attention? Brown: Over the course of my time at the FDA in a couple different capacities starting in 2010, the issue of medical product safety, including medical device safety, was a...

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Food & Beverage

Watch the Coverage Gap: Insurance for food contamination and recalls may leave liability on the table

Many aspects of a food manufacturer’s business are predictable or planned. And then there's food contamination and product recall – unanticipated events that keep a general counsel up at night. No wonder. An outbreak of foodborne illness, linked to a product ...

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