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Government Contracts

Government Contractors Face Enhanced Enforcement: But opportunities abound for companies willing to confront risks and requirements others do not face

Let’s start with the good news. Companies that do business with the government often reap substantial rewards. The bad news is that they must do so in a souped up enforcement environment most others businesses do not face. Todd Steggerda and Edwin Childs know their way around the government-...

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Law Enforcement

U.S. Taxpayers Are Paying More Than They Realize: A staggering array of federal, state and local taxes rarely enter the public debate

Here’s a note to everyone concerned with the tax issues that are playing a prominent role in the presidential election: U.S. taxpayers are paying more – and completely different – taxes than they realize. Most tax policy discussions dwell on three types of taxes: income tax,...

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Corporate Counsel

GCs Hold Frank Discussion Around Crisis and Reputation Risk

As part of a 2016 series examining global risk, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel convened a roundtable dinner on June 16 at Eleven Madison Park in New York to discuss issues related to crisis and reputational risks. It was the second of four planned dinners on the broader topic of global risk that...

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