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Navigating Internal Investigations

A recent CCBJ webinar highlighted the importance of being proactive instead of reactive when conducting internal investigations.

A key component of a corporate investigation is gathering data. As Curtis Collette, solutions architect at QDiscovery, puts it, “We need to understand what...

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Faced with a #MeToo Claim? Hire an Outside Investigator

The #MeToo movement has changed the framework for companies faced with sexual harassment claims. The revelations of 2017 have unleashed a flood of internal and external complaints of sexual harassment and sexual hostile work environments. Companies need to develop new rapid-response reflexes. In...

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Intelligent Automation May Be Key to Ferreting Out Financial Crimes

KPMG’s Thomas Keegan and Stephen DeParis discuss technology’s growing role in managing compliance – and empowering people in the legal department.

CCBJ: What is intelligent automation?

Stephen DeParis: In defining intelligent automation, you have to look at its components, such as...

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