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Transforming Contracts Management

Does your company manage contracts well? Are contracts completed in a timely manner and consistent with clear policies? Are all of your company’s worldwide contracts easily accessible in a searchable repository? Can you demonstrate how your contracting process drives business value?


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Automatically Assembling Agreements: There’s software that can free up lawyers to do the real work

I’m going to ask you a question. Your answer probably determines how you feel about the future of practicing law and using legal technology. Think of yourself falling along a continuum. If you fall at one end, you’re in a group of lawyers who believe that any given legal matter is an...

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Smart Contracts Are Having Their Moment: Named in the 1990s, they took 15 years to arrive

Consider a situation where a product is covered under manifold patents held by multiple third-party patent holders. Imagine the time and costs of, among others, monitoring sales and royalty payments. Now imagine a technology that could (1) ensure that every time a sale is made, royalty payments are...

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Artificial Intelligence

Robots & LegalTech: Leveraging AI to Automate Contract Management